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Bankruptcy Law Attorney in Yakima, Washington

Bankruptcy Guidance in Washington

As part of our business and commercial law practice, Carlson Hinton Law represents individuals, businesses, bankruptcy trustees, creditor committees, and other commercial clients in bankruptcy proceedings. We represent both debtors and creditors in the following matters:

  • Chapter 11 and 12 reorganizations

  • Assignments for the benefit of creditors

  • Workouts and debt restructuring

  • Security interests

  • Pre-packaged plans

  • Cram-down litigation

  • Litigation involving leases and contracts

  • Debtor-in-possession financing

  • Cash collateral stipulations

  • Asset sales

  • Valuation proceedings

  • Automatic stay litigation

  • Involuntary petitions

  • Bankruptcy appeals

  • Judgment enforcement

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Our bankruptcy attorney takes a practical approach to bankruptcy and debtor-creditor transactions, recognizing the cost and risk of litigation, and the significant value of a speedy resolution of disputes. We begin with a thorough review of the loan, sale, or lease transaction involved, analyzing credit and collateral risks, the possibility of counterclaims, defenses, and the likelihood of a timely and cost-effective litigation remedy. Our attorney then develops and implements a litigation strategy, while simultaneously pursuing reasonable negotiated settlements. We believe that our approach of pursuing both litigation and appropriate negotiation strategies maximizes benefits to clients while reducing both legal expense and litigation risks. For further information about our bankruptcy practice, please contact Carlson Hinton Law today.