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Whether you need guidance for a business law or litigation issue, want to plan your estate, or need advice on matters regarding real estate law, agricultural law, railroad law, or bankruptcy law, a skilled attorney is a great partner as you seek solutions. At Carlson Hinton Law, we have over 40 years of experience providing excellent advice and guidance to individuals and businesses, and we are proud to serve clients in Yakima, Cle Elum, Richland, Tampico, and Pasco, Washington. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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Timothy J. Carlson

Attorney at Law

I always knew that I wanted to be an attorney. Not only did the profession interest me, but the opportunity to help people navigate difficult situations motivated me above all else. I've spent 40 years in the industry, and my level of experience, confidence, and ability to problem-solve set me apart. I received my J.D. from Gonzaga University in 1980 with honors, and since then I have been AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell for more than ten years, named a Top Lawyer by Corporate Counsel Magazine, designated a Senior Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America, and helped countless clients come out on the other side of their legal issues stronger and more prepared for the future.


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Our attorney has over 40 years of legal experience, making him the perfect partner with a wide range of skills and a proven track record of success. We are prepared to take on the legal issues that your business may face, no matter how challenging they may seem. We'll seek to settle your case as efficiently and favorably as possible, and if we need to go to court, we'll work to represent you from start to finish.

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When your business is threatened by a potential lawsuit, you want someone in your corner who will fight back. At Carlson Hinton Law, we know how to litigate, and we know how to do it well. We'll use our years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the law, and top-notch negotiation skills to seek the resolution that you need and deserve. Whether your case is solved in or out of the courtroom, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

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Preparing for the Future Can Give You Peace of Mind Today

The thought of planning your estate may be overwhelming. The necessary documentation and careful thought that a comprehensive estate plan requires can deter you from being proactive about the transfer of your property. However, if you want to ease the burden on your loved ones down the line and help them avoid the probate process, creating an estate plan is essential.

At Carlson Hinton Law, we pride ourselves on offering compassionate estate planning guidance. We work collaboratively with our clients to get to know them and their unique financial situations. Once we understand your needs and wants, we can better advise you on the next steps to take. With creative solutions and outside-of-the-box thinking, our team's goal is to provide guidance that is tailor-made for you.

Planning for the future of your estate can involve many different decisions and documents. You may want to draft a will, designate beneficiaries, set up trusts, or designate guardianships, among other things. Estate plans can look different for every individual, which is why we aim to offer customized advice to our clients. You deserve an attorney who will help you make the choices that are right for you, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning. Reach out today to see how we can help.

Don't wait to plan for the future of your finances. Being proactive can benefit both you and your loved ones. Set up a consultation with us today to discuss your options. We at Carlson Hinton Law are proud to serve clients in Yakima, Goldendale, Richland, Tampico, and Pasco, Washington.